We export used homeware from Japan to Togo

Used Homeware

Ecommit is a wholesale supplier of used homeware to Togo including:

The items are collected from various locations in Japan, condition of the products can vary and are generally of good quality.

Please see the photo gallery for larger sample photos and contact us with your sales enquiries for more information.

Used Tableware

We supply second hand tableware items such as ceramics and glassware.

Used Kitchenware

We also supply second hand kitchenware items such as cooking utensils.

Used Basketware

A variety of second hand basketware is also available.

Used Furnishings

Other second hand items are furnishings such as wall pictures, frames, decorations and ornaments.


Ecommit has the capacity to ship containers of used furniture to all major ports, cities and regions around Togo, including Lomé, Sokodé and Kara, plus other locations around the country.

Photo Gallery


Contact us

Please contact the Ecommit Sales Team with your sales enquiries for more information.

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