Japanese Used Clothing & Accessories

Japanese Used Clothing

Ecommit is a wholesale supplier of sorted and mixed used clothes for export including a variety of men’s, women’s and children’s garments collected from various regions of Japan including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Kagoshima.

Japanese Used Sorted Clothing:

We sell sorted used clothing of various types such as:

  • Women’s Spring and Summer clothing
  • Women’s Winter clothing
  • Men’s Spring and Summer clothing
  • Men’s Winter clothing
  • Children’s mix clothing

Japanese Used Mixed Clothing:

The mixed used clothing is available as Grade A or Grade B.

  • Grade A items are collected from second hand shops.
  • Grade B items are collected by local administration wards from households.

Shop Returns:

High quality returned clothes sourced from Japanese clothing shops are also available.

The used clothing is processed at our warehouses in Japan, compressed into bales and bundles, and then loaded into a shipping container for export.

See the photo gallery below for samples of the used clothing items supplied, please note only Grade A clothing are shown at present.

Japanese Used Clothing Accessories

We also sell a range of used clothing accessories including shoes, hats, bags, ties, belts, sunglasses and jewellery. All of the clothing accessory items are packaged into boxes for shipping.

Our company is experienced in shipping compressed bales and boxes of used clothing by the container load for import to many countries across Asia, Africa and South America.

More Information

Go to the photo gallery and videos section below to view samples of the used clothing items supplied. Also check on our Facebook page for more product videos, news updates and the latest sale offers.

Please contact the Ecommit Sales Team with your sales enquiries for more information.

Online Japanese Used Clothing Store

Please also view our online used clothing store where a range of high quality bulk wholesale clothing items are available to purchase.



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Please contact the Ecommit Sales Team with your sales enquiries for more information.

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